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One-Click Senate Support of CMKAA

CMKAA on to the Senate!



Click HERE to go to the official website of the

United States Senate to support CMKAA. 

Here’s a sample email you can copy and paste:

“I am pleased to inform you that on behalf of efforts by Congressman Larson, the Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act, a bipartisan bill with 70 cosponsors, was recently added as an amendment to the FY2013 National Defense Authorization Act by HASC Chairman Buck McKeon, with the support of Ranking Member Adam Smith.

This amendment provides for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder, namely Applied Behavior Analysis, as a medical benefit under the TRICARE basic entitlement.  It lifts prior barriers to care as well as the arbitrary dollar cap that has prevented thousands of military families from accessing these critical treatments for their children.

Approximately 23,000 active duty dependents have autism. Currently, only active duty dependents receive a limited benefit via the ECHO program.  Thousands more dependents of retirees with more than twenty years of service, and those who have been forced to medically retire due to injury or disease, receive no benefits to treat their children’s autism. They are stripped of ECHO entirely.

I look forward to your support of Senator Gillibrand’s autism amendment for military children, and your support of the tens of thousands of brave military families who need your voice now more than ever.

I support the Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act because [add your own personal comments here].

Thank you,

[Your Name, Address, Phone, Email]”

 It‘s so easy…

It’s so important.

It would be pretty spectacular if these kinds of things just magically fixed themselves, but they do not.

It would be pretty amazing if military families could benefit from the trend of legislative success in mandating autism coverage across the country, but they do not.

Right now an estimated 23,000 children of our bravest men and women are struggling with autism.

23,000 military children.

Our soldiers are fighting to protect our freedoms and to secure the futures of all of our children.  It is time to thank them and make a difference.  It is time to honor our troops sincerely and actually take a few moments to serve those who dedicate their lives to serving us.

A few moments of your time.

One click and you are on your way to thanking a soldier and their family for all they do.

From a military family proud to serve, we thank you.

– Command Sergeant Major William W. Kenyon and Mrs. Rachel E. Kenyon


We’ve come so far.

We can DO THIS.

Send that email.  Send it again.

Call your Senators.

Call them again.


*If you are a military member or spouse and you are currently receiving mail through an APO/AE address – YOU MUST ENTER YOUR ZIP CODE AND MAILING ADDRESS WHERE YOU LAST REGISTERED TO VOTE.



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