Posted by: stimcity | May 26, 2012

Senate Armed Services Committee Members

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Here are all the email addresses for SASC staffers,

plus HASC Chairman Buck McKeon.


There are a handful of public servants standing in positions to help us.

They need to know you to want to help you.  If they do not know you, if they do not know what you need, they simply cannot help you.

So tell them.

Reach out to them so that they know you.

Move them with your story so that they want to help you.

We need the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Members to know all of our stories.  We need them to be thinking about our families when their heads hit the pillows at night, and when they wake each morning.  They need to be consumed with the injustice of our children not getting the medical treatments they need for autism.

Remember, be respectful, be positive, and share your story!


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