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I just received a call from Representatives John Larson and Mike Doyle, the original cosponsors of CMKAA. The Senate version passed this evening as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)!!! The amendment was approved 66-29.
The measure must still clear ‘conference committee’ – that is where legislation that has passed on both sides of Congress is determined agreeable in its nature and language.
Once this is secured, and I am assured MANY Members of Congress are committed to seeing this through, The President will sign the NDAA into law with our amendment included.
THANK YOU to all who worked so hard to see this through, and especially the families who stood up to be heard. Bless us all.


Mrs. Rachel E. Kenyon

Wife to Command Sergeant Major William W. Kenyon, 1BN 102IN(MTN), CTARNG

Mother of two beautiful babes – one with autism.

Owner, author of &

On YouTube at CMKAAorg.



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